CDAP Program


Access Capital and Support for Food & Beverage Businesses

The Canada Digital Adoption Program helps eligible small and medium businesses access up to $100K interest-free loan for six years and a $7,300 wage subsidy to implement the Digital Adoption Plan from Balanced Digital.

From e-commerce to digital marketing, human resource planning to automated inventory tracking, cybersecurity, and much more, Balanced Digital can help you develop a technology roadmap for your business’ success.

  • Loan Amount$25,000 - $100,000
  • Interest Rate0.0%
  • Term6 Years
  • Wage Subsidy$7,300
  • Youth Aged18 - 30
  • PlacementsMultiple

Program Enrollment Minimum Requirements:

ISED eligibility requirements for small and medium Food & Beverage businesses across Canada.

  • Canadian Owned:Sole Prop. or Corp.
  • Business Type:Private & For-Profit
  • FT Employees:1 - 499
  • Last Fiscal Revenues: >$500K

Leading Advisors in Unlocking CDAP Financing

Transform your food and beverage business with the latest digital technology. Streamline operations and improve customer experiences to unlock new levels of efficiency and growth.

  • Success Rate:100%
  • Business Helped: >150
  • Financing Unlocked: >$8.0M

Food & Beverage Coverage:

  • 01Restaurants and Cafes
  • 02 Catering Services
  • 03Food Trucks and Street Food
  • 04Bars and Pubs
  • 05 Bakeries and Pastry Shops
  • 06Fast Casual Dining
  • 07Food Processing and Manufacturing
  • 08Beverage Production
  • 09Dairy and Cheese Production
  • 10Specialty Foods
  • 11Grocery Stores and Supermarkets
  • 12Online Food and Beverage Retailers
  • 13Meal Kit and Food Delivery Services
  • 14Food Markets and Farmers Markets
  • 15Confectionery and Snack Producers
  • 16Health and Wellness Foods
  • 17Food Distribution Companies
  • 18Food and Beverage Consultants

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